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VPN / IP Blocking

In Atom CMS you can restrict users from entering your hotel, by enabling & setting up VPN blockage.

To enable VPN blockage, you must go through a few steps. The first step is to go to and either login or sign up.

Secondly click the ">_ API Settings" or visit the following URL - You'll then be greeted with your personal API key at the top. Copy the API key and head to your database. Open the website_settings table and find the vpn_block_enabled entry and set it to 1 next up find the ipdata_api_key and replace the ADD-API-KEY-HERE with your personal API key.

Once all the steps above has been completed, your hotel will then make use of API provided by "ipdata" to block threats & VPNs.

Atom makes it possible for you to manually whitelist & blacklist IPs & ASNs too, simply go to the website_ip_whitelist table to whitelist IPs or ASNs and go to website_ip_blacklist to blacklist IPs and ASNs.

You can also allow users above a specified rank to bypass all IP & ASN checks - simply head to the website_permissions table and adjust the value of the min_rank_to_bypass_vpn_check to the minimum rank required for bypassing all checks.

By default, Atom will only apply the IP & ASN check when users are trying to visit your client, if you with to apply it to other places, simply copy the vpn.checker middleware and apply it to other routes within the web.php file.

Any whitelisted IP or ASN will overrule any blacklisted IP or ANS.