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Theme system

In Atom CMS we have included a built-in theme creation / switching system, which not only makes it a breeze to change theme, if you want to quickly brew up a new base for your theme, you can do that with a simple command!

🔥 Change theme

To change the CMS theme, simply head to website_settings and change the value of the theme to the name you gave your new theme upon initialising it.

🚀 Creating a new theme

It's super easy to create a new theme within Atom CMS, all you have to do is to enter the command below, in your terminal.

php artisan make:theme

Once the command has been executed, you'll be prompted with easy to follow scaffolding steps.

It's recommended to not replacing the existing controllers during the theme scaffolding process, unless you are confident that's really what you want


All credits for the theme system goes to qirolab