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Atom CMS comes with a built-in translation system, which makes it super easy to create, edit and implement translations and new languages.

๐Ÿ… Change the default languageโ€‹

If your hotel isn't meant to English by default, you have the opportunity to easily change the default language of Atom CMS.

If the language of course exists within Atom CMS - if not then you must create a new translation, like explained below.

So to change the default language, find the app.php file located within the config folder and scroll down until you find 'locale' => 'en' and change it to your country code.

For example if you want the default language to be Danish, you change it to the following.

'locale' => 'en',

should be

'locale' => 'da',

๐Ÿ“ Adding a new languageโ€‹

The process of adding a new language is fairly straight forward. All you have to do is to copy the en.json inside the lang folder and name is your language country code eg. "da.json" for the Danish language.

Once you have your file prepared, you translate the "values" inside the JSON file. For example:

    "Home": "Home",
"Community": "Community",
"Shop": "Shop",
"Rules": "Rules",
"Articles": "Articles",
"Staff": "Staff",

Would become:

    "Home": "Hjem",
"Community": "Fรฆllesskab",
"Shop": "Butik",
"Rules": "Regler",
"Articles": "Artikler",
"Staff": "Ansatte",

To add your new language to the language selector, all you have to do is to add it inside the website_languages database table. It will then automatically be appended to the available language options.

If you just want to add missing translations or update existing ones for a specific language, then all you have to do is to open the .json file that matches your language and update existing values or add new ones.

If a specific amount of text isn't translateable, you can easily make it so by simply wrapping it in {{ __('Your text') }} and then add the key, value to the your-language.json file

If you want a more in-depth explaination / examples you can go to the Laravel documentation by clicking here it will take you straight to the example for json files.